Tai Chi; tai-chi; harmonie; spojení s přírodou

I would like to write here that tai chi, energy work and meditation was something I've been always interested in. And that my Infinite Tai Chi journey is actually the fulfilment of my dreams and ideas about what I will pursue in my life.

But it was not the case. In fact, I discovered Infinite Tai Chi when I was looking for a yoga retreat and found an amazing place in Italy in the middle of the Apennines mountains that I just couldn't not go to. But it turned out that all the yoga classes were sold out. There was only one place left and that was at Infinite Tai Chi retreat lead by Jason Chan.

I booked it even though I had no idea what is tai chi, and I’ve never heard about Jason Chan.  I found on youtube how tai chi looks like for the first time in the evening before I left for the retreat. And that made me think that I would probably spend the entire stay at the swimming pool and by discovering the surroundings. I have never been good at coordination of arms and legs movement, and thus, I was convinced that tai chi is not for me.

And then the moment that changed my life forever came.

I was blown away by the grace, beauty and peace of Infinite Tai Chi. I did not want to only learn the form, I wanted to become the beauty, harmony, strength and peace. Nothing less made any sense to me.

So, I started to practice. The more I practiced, my mind became calmer, the world around me started to look different, I noticed and felt more, my relationships with people became more harmonious and truer ... And I wanted more and more.

To sign up for Jason Chan’s Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training course in UK seemed like a very crazy idea. For next three years I was supposed to fly every month for a weekend from Prague to UK. My rational brain refused to admit that such a thing is possible.

But I had got to the point where there was no way back. I graduated from the Infinite Tai Chi Teacher Training Course in Manchester as the only student who was not from UK. And I have also attended a number of retreats with Jason Chan at various locations in Europe.

Today I am very grateful and humble towards this “coincidence” that brought me on this journey. It fascinates me how my life has changed after Infinite Tai Chi entered into it. And this is where my inspiration to teach and share this beautiful art came from. My sincere wish is that my classes will help people to radiate their lives and their whole being and find the fulfillment in life they are seeking for.
Harmonie; pokora; meditace; děkuji