Infinite Meditation is the deepest art that Jason Chan teaches.

It comes from Jason's own deep spiritual awakening and spiritual vision. It is a dynamic form of meditation based on the connection to the higher consciousness / light / truth by cultivating a strong internal energy vibration that allows to overcome the limitations of the lower mind and illusions of the ego.

 This form of meditation is a universal system that can be practiced by anyone - whether he/she follows a spiritual path or religion, or has no specific belief.

 Meditace, harmonie
Once you can fully open your heart and connect to the beauty of your soul, you will become one of the sweetest person in the world.
— Jason Chan

The key to true practice of Infinite Meditation is energy work. If our energy vibration is low, it is very difficult to calm the mind. Most beginners therefore perform some form of relaxation and anti-stress exercise and can not get too deep. In Infinite Meditation, therefore, we cultivate a strong, bright internal energy. As a result, during meditation we can remain in a state of higher consciousness for a longer period of time and dive deeper.

One of the essential aspects of Infinite Meditation is that it really can help us to open our hearts so we can experience unconditional love deep within us. Long-term practice of Infinite Meditation helps to change the unconscious negative and destructive programs that we have placed deep in our minds and bodies.

Real meditation is for our soul / our true self. It's definitely not just a relaxing exercise and a temporary escape from the problems of everyday life. It is a tool to free our mind from the illusions of the ego and to know the Truth.

However it often requires a lot of patience, vigilance and diligent energy work to increase our awareness. But as soon as we can remain fully focused in meditation, we can find a complete solution to all our personal problems and become super-creative.

Benefits of regular practice of Infinite Meditation:

  • it cultivates inner peace and radiates our being,
  • it harmonizes our mind, emotions and body,
  • it  helps us see our lives in a wider perspective without the illusion of the ego, so we can see more clearly solutions to our problems,
  • the connection to higher energy can transform our mind, remove self-destructive programs and heal our body,
  • it improves our ability to focus
  • through it we gain access to an unlimited source of wisdom, truth, and love.

This is the basis on which we can build our happiness in life, no matter what obstacles we face.

At Infinite Meditation, we spend quite a lot of time cultivating chi. And that is because it will help us clear our mind. First, we activate chi, then calm our mind, and then we use the image of bright sunlight that fills our body with all-encompassing light. As soon as we can develop this inner brightness, light naturally enters our entire life.
— Jason Chan