Infinite Tai Chi contains the essence of the universe, and through it you can realise your soul potential. It touches different levels of consciousness - for health, happiness, harmony and radiance.
— Jason Chan

Purpose and principles Infinite Tai Chi

Infinite Tai Chi is a wholesome discipline that combines gentle physical movement and work with breath. It is based on the ancient Chinese martial arts principles and Taoist understanding of nature and the eternal cycle of life.

However, Infinite Tai Chi is not intended to be used for any form of combat!

The core principle of Infinite Tai Chi is infinity, beauty and perfect harmony of life. It was created by master Jason Chan more than 20 years ago. It was specifically designed to assist busy individuals in our modern western world to find peace and harmony and harnessing their inner strength. And thus bring vitality, health, happiness and compassion into their lives.

Moves in Infinite Tai Chi

Unlike other tai chi forms, we do not count the moves in Infinite Tai Chi. We see it as one continuous flowing movement. We are gently working on opening and harmonizing all energy centers, starting with the lower chakras and going up to the higher centers. In the whole form we are focusing on the heart chakra.

While performing Infinite Tai Chi we use the whole body. Each move has a purpose. The movements combine strength and gentleness, activity and stillness, steps forward and backward, upward and downward motion. This leads to balancing our YIN and YANG energy.

Beauty of Infinite Tai Chi

However, Infinite Tai Chi is much more than just a healthy form of exercise. Infinite Tai Chi is, at heart, pure nature or consciousness in movement. It is therefore a moving meditation.

Infinite Tai Chi brings us back to nature, and for a while we leave behind the sophisticated human body and mind and rediscover our conscious self and the beauty within. This state of naturalness is then reflected in the beauty and grace we bring to the Infinite Tai Chi form.

In Infinite Tai Chi, you can notice that everyone moves differently, in a natural way suited to their body, but in traditional tai chi, everyone moves the same. The high energy of Infinite Tai Chi leads us naturally to leave our perception what we are and what we can do behind and opens ourselves to a higher power that can transform our entire being and restore us to our natural state of peace and harmony.

Working with energy in Infinite Tai Chi

At the advanced level Infinite Tai Chi we become conscious of the different layers of our energy field and we can gradually direct the CHI life force to where we have some energy blocks. It has a huge positive impact on all levels of our being, much greater than any form of physical exercise:

  • On the physical level we stop the aging process and increase the vitality,
  • On emotional level we release old hurts, pain and fears,
  • On mental level we increase our consciousness and we start to spiritually awake.

At the same time, we begin to feel the energy of everything around us and see ourselves as a part of a great infinite wholeness. Once we begin to understand ourselves, we better understand others and our relationships become more harmonious. We heal ourselves, we support life and everything around us, we become more warm and loving. Our life is happier and richer.

Motivation is the key

Everything depends on the motivation and discipline of the student. Motivation is unique for everyone. No reason to practice Infinite Tai Chi is wrong or/and superior to another. However, it can take many years to learn Infinite Tai Chi to the level where we can "flow like a great river and be still as a mountain."

Every effort counts. Whenever we calm our minds and we open up and harmonize our energy channels, our energy vibrations raise. Because of that it would be much easier for us to overcome resistance and to learn some positive habits - eat healthy, exercise regularly, meditate, relax your body, etc. Later it will stop being an effort, we will naturally do activities that return us to our true self.

In Infinite Tai Chi we do not just teach physical movement, we are teaching about Life Itself. Infinite Tai Chi is primarily energy work, but it is also suffused with natural beauty, pure love and true compassion.
— Jason Chan on Infinite Tai Chi