Infinite Tai Chi contains the essence of the universe, and through it you can realise your soul potential. It touches different levels of consciousness - for health, happiness, harmony and radiance.
— Jason Chan

Principle of Infinite Tai Chi

Infinite Tai Chi is a unique form of ancient Chinese art adapted to the thinking, lifestyle and needs of busy individuals in Western world. It is a spiritual practice for modern times.

What exactly does that mean?

Infinite Tai Chi was created more than 20 years ago by Jason Chan based on his own spiritual journey and the study of Taoist practices.

Infinite Tai Chi is based on working with energy and raising the vibration.

Energy vibration is related to the level of our consciousness. This simply means how much of an iceberg you see. But it does not mean that higher consciousness will bring you an easy life. As they say, "shit happens". But you will stop identifing yourself with it.

And this is what do by practicing Infinite Tai Chi.

Unity of body, mind and breath

At the beginning it will be for you a set of moves that might give you a hard time to do in coordination with your breath. But with a little patience, everyone can do it.

The less effort you put into the movement, the more you will feel the energy. This will give you more comfort when you're moving, the never-ending chatter in your head will stop and you feel the flow of vitality, peace and joy.

But that's not all.

Your true potential

The human mind can be very stubborn. We all have a lot of self-destructive programs that prevent us from using our real potential. We often walk in a circle not knowing why and we complain that life is not fair.

With regular practice of Infinite Tai Chi you can expand your consciousness above the level of the lower mind. You will learn to connect to the higher power of nature and use it to overcome your fears. This automatically releases hidden energy blocks. Your whole being will go back to its natural harmony and balance. Without this burden, you will understand better yourself and the world around you. You will discover your conscious self, your wisdom, beauty and strength, which you will then manifest not only in your Infinite Tai Chi form but also throughout your life.

This can not be done by any form of physical exercise. That's why Infinite Tai Chi is not a physical exercise or a Chinese martial art, it's a way of liberating your soul, finding the meaning of life and the key to true happiness.

You can find more information about Infinite Tai Chi here.

In Infinite Tai Chi we do not just teach physical movement, we are teaching about Life Itself. Infinite Tai Chi is primarily energy work, but it is also suffused with natural beauty, pure love and true compassion.
— Jason Chan on Infinite Tai Chi