Regular practice of Infinite Chi Kung will help you to connect to a much bigger life force beyond your intellectual mind and physical perception, and this life force will start to support all aspects of your life. Practising Infinite Chi Kung will also connect you to the power of the natural elements, and this power can sustain you through life’s ups and downs without you having to think so much.
— Jason Chan

Infinite Chi Kung is a system of Chinese holistic practice and energy work created by master Jason Chan. Regular practice of Infinite Chi Kung balances physical body, mental state and emotions. This improves your physical health, your ability to think positively and experience positive emotions.

Through the practice your will learn to raise your vibration and because of this you will start to feel the life energy we call Chi, Qi, Ki or Prana. CHI is a manifestation of life. The more you practice, the more vital, strong and stable you become at all levels of your existence.

To learn the moves of Infinite Chi Kung may seem relatively simple compared to the Infinite Tai Chi. Most of the sequences have only a few moves that we repeat several times. We mainly stand in one place throughout the practice or, we slightly change the position of the legs. There are virtually no health restrictions for practicing the Infinite Chi Kung. It can also be performed in the sitting position if the practitioner cannot stand for a long time.

Regardless of the simplicity of movements, the benefits of the regular practice of Infinite Chi Kung are enormous. Most practitioners are able to feel the flow of energy even when they are practicing for the first time and after a few weeks it is possible to notice the positive impacts in your lives - you will be more balanced, quiet, more vital and have more energy.

When our energetic frequency is low, our mind sabotages our hopes and aspirations We become egocentric instead of thinking of others. Practising the Infinite Arts on a daily basis will raise our vibrations so that we are in the flow of Life once more.
— Jason Chan