About me

I love blooming meadows, deep forests, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

 Tai Chi; tai-chi; západ slunce; harmonie; jin jang

I like beautiful things with an interesting design and colours around me and walks in the old corners of Prague with Starbucks coffee.

I was born under the sign of Virgo and in the Chinese zodiac I am a Sheep.

As a child I wanted to become an Olympic champion in running.

As an adult, I spent much of my life studying finance, later HR and management, and building a successful career.

For many years I have been working on managerial positions in several international companies.

Everything seemed ok, but it didn't feel right.

Therefore, I started with yoga. And that aroused my interest in the spiritual aspects of life. So, I began to study different spiritual teachings. As my outlook on life had changed, my life began to unfold. In 2011 I discovered Infinite Tai Chi and met its founder master Jason Chan. That changed my life.

My daily practice of The Infinite Arts has helped me to transform my world. From the stressed and anxious being, I am slowly becoming someone who finds fulfilment and joy in sharing her own path and practice with others.



I am the only Infinite Tai Chi and Infinite Chi Kung in the Czech Republic.

Certified courses:

2012 – 2015 - Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation 3-Year Teacher Training Course, Manchester, UK

2017 - Trainer's licence "B" - Tai Chi, Charles University Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport & Tai Chi Associace CR

Additional training:

October 2017 - "Tao of Miracles - the mighty stillness", silent retreat with Jason Chan, Cork, Ireland

January 2017 - "Healing into Wholeness", Advanced retreat with Jason Chan, Nerja, Spain

July 2016 - „Advancing and Deepening into the Infinite Arts“, Infinite Tai Chi retreat with Jason Chan, Phuket, Thailand

September 2015 - „Into the Wholeness“, Infinite Tai Chi retreat with Gloria Hanson and Patrik Cotter, Triggonos, Nothern Wales

April 2015 - "Empowering Yourself with Love", Infinite Tai Chi retreat with Jason Chan, Pisa, Italy

June 2014 - „Into the Silence“, Infinite Tai Chi retreat with Jason Chan, Triggonos, Nothern Wales

June 2012- Infinite Tai Chi retreat with Jason Chan, Cork, Ireland

August 2011 - Infinite Tai Chi retreat with Jason Chan, The Hill That Breathes, Urbino, Italy

Infinite Tai Chi taught me to love life as it is; to feel the power of the present moment and stop the endless flow of thoughts and therefore see the infinite beauty and harmony of Life itself. This is a skill that I want to share in my classes.